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Gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Simply put, this is having high sugar in your blood during pregnancy. This condition often occurs during the last trimester when the fetus is busy growing. If undetected or left untreated it can result in severe birth defects such as macrosomia (also known as fat baby), breathing problems or the baby’s blood glucose level being low during birth.

Second half of pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes usually starts in the second half of pregnancy. This condition normally goes away after the baby is born. If this does not happen it may mean you are diabetic and it was not picked up on during your pregnancy.

It is thought to affect between 2 to 14 percent of all pregnancies.

Symptoms of Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes usually does not provide an immediate threat to your life, however it is important to control the condition because it does put you at a higher risk of the following:

  • Too much amniotic fluid
  • Premature labour
  • Higher risk of developing gestational diabetes in any future pregnancies
  • higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later on in life
  • Is there a risk to the baby?

    Not if you look after yourself and control the Diabetes. Too much sugar in your blood can mean it gets transferred to the placenta which can cause the placenta to grow. This can cause problems with the birth and a caesarean section could be needed.

    How can you manage Gestational Diabetes?

    Take regular exercise, this will help lower blood glucose levels.
    Through diet, plenty veg and fruit. Protein’s like fish are also good.

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