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29 weeks pregnant

The pregnancy is getting more and more difficult, but it’s time to focus on the positive side of pregnancy. For one, have you noticed how you’ve grown closer to your family, especially to your own mother? Once you were a baby yourself, and now you’re getting ready to bring a baby into the world. Such is the circle of life.

What’s Going on with the Baby

Regulate body temperature

Your baby’s head is now in perfect proportion to his or her body. The brain is already able to regulate the body temperature, while the bone marrow is producing all the red blood cells needed by your little one. The baby now weighs around 1.16 kilograms, and is urinating half a liter into the amniotic fluid everyday. Note that 3.5% of the body weight is from the body fat accumulated under the baby’s skin.

Occasional hiccups

The baby is also subject to occasional hiccups, which the mother would feel as a fluttering in the tummy. This is a normal occurrence as the baby lungs are preparing for breathing oxygen upon birth.

What’s Going on with Mommy

You’re probably feeling the many discomforts of pregnancy such as

  • leg cramps
  • exhaustion
  • frequent urination
  • back pain
  • shortness of breath

Baby is squeezing your internal organs.

All of these are due to the fact that your baby is squeezing in all your other internal organs such as your bladder and your lungs.

Eating the right kinds of food

Maintain good posture throughout the pregnancy – try not to slouch. Keep eating the right kinds of food that will provide nourishment to you and your baby. Drink lots of fluids, exercise regularly, and rest as often as you can. Remember, once the baby’s out, you won’t be able to sleep anytime you want.

Now for Daddy

Buy flowers for your partner to celebrate the beginning of the eight month of her pregnancy. Just one more month to go!

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