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15 weeks pregnant

Shopping for maternity clothes

It’s time to do some shopping! Shopping for maternity clothes, that is. The mother may not fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes, so it’s best to find good maternity clothes you can wear for the entire pregnancy period.

What’s Going on with the Baby

Baby is beginning thumb-sucking!

Your baby is now beginning a habit you’d later find difficult to break – thumb-sucking! Ultrasounds show that many babies have their thumbs on t their mouths, sucking happily. Your baby is growing and now weighs around 70 grams. The skin is nearly transparent, so you can see the blood vessels underneath. The entire body is now covered with Lanugo except for the palms, soles of the feet, lips, genitals, nails, fingers and toes. Your baby can begin to react to light, and is slowly developing taste buds. The heart will now be pumping around 25 quarts of blood daily, which will increase to 300 come delivery time.

What’s Going on with Mommy

Your heart rate is increasing

You probably can’t fit into your old clothes now, so you need to get maternity clothes. Your heart is also increasing its output by 20% in order to supply your baby with the oxygen he or she needs. You may also talk to your doctor about taking the alpha-fetoprotein blood test (AFP), which screens for neural tube defects (NTD) such as anenecephaly, spina bifida and even Down’s syndrome. This test is most accurate during 15th to 17th week of gestation.

Playing music to your baby

It’s also the perfect time to start reading to your baby and playing classical music. Most studies show that reading and playing music to your baby while it is still in the womb can positively affect your child’s intelligence level, and also provides bonding moments for you and your baby.

Now for Daddy

Join Mommy in her reading sessions to the baby, so that your child can hear your voice too! It would also help if you regularly talk to your baby so you can bond with your child as well.

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